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Gone are the days when only the rich could afford to have cars. Nowadays it is a luxury which even a person of middle class can enjoy. This is possible because of car financing and car loans. Car loans are nowadays offered by number of money lending institutions and have gained a lot of significance in the past few years. Car loans have been a well known feature in the developed countries for long, but it was not much heard of in developing countries. Lending institutions were also reluctant to launch any such schemes to give car loans to every man. Now with the life getting faster day by day people require vehicular transport in all walks of life. The lending institutions saw a scope in the field of car loans and offered them to the masses. The tremendous response from the clients had beneficial effects for both the clients and the lenders.

Car loans are of two types. Low interest rate long term loans and high interest rate short term loans. Finding the best car loans for yourself is not hard at all. There are virtually thousands of money lending institutions which offer car loans. You need to really complete your homework before you decide to get a loan from any lender. You should find about the best institutions by inquiring from a person who is known to you and has already got a loan from some lender. This person can be a very good source as he would have done a research already and can be of much help to you. If you want to research yourself then the best way to do it is by using the internet. You can find information about many lenders online and you can also come to know about their terms and conditions. You should find out completely about the interest rates and the installment schedules. You should search for a lender who offers terms and conditions which suit your budget. Installment schedule would also dictate the amount of car loan you can take and the type of car that you can buy. The loan which offers the best installment plan and low mark up is considered to be the best car loan.

Car loan or financing is carried out in two parts. One part is the down payment and the other is installments or financing. Both are inversely proportional to each other. Larger the down payment, smaller would be the installment and smaller the down payment, larger would be the installment. If the down payment made is large then the interest rate would also be less and vice versa. This is because the amount taken for finance or as a car loan would be less. To give you the loan the lender also checks and looks for your credit history. A good deal is also the one in which your credit history is not catered for. You can get the best car loans only by thorough study or research of the market for lenders having good repute.

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